Everest Base Camp

An Imja Tse (Island Peak 6,189m ) is the most popular  trekking peak in Nepal. with  a bit of  rope work  skill ,Hiking stamina and altitude percieverence would work to summit the top all years since it has been climbed . And It is nice spot to learn all climbing strategies on ‘ do it right ‘ principle for beginners alike. But now the people have been using the ladders  to cross the crevasses and some  people have published the pictures way back .If it is true , the peak is becoming technical climb.

However , we are  waiting to hear the maximum information and  story of friends /climbers Chongba Sherpa , Deni Sherpa , BRIA AND SETH QUEGG(NOLS instructors)as they are heading toward the peaks including Lobuche today .

As the climbing travllers and expert Eversest Pasang said in the  words of Rebecca Croizer (UK ,Founder Member of Alternative Nepal ) “from Dingboche the  mountain is seen as an island in a sea of ice, the summit is interesting  and attractive with a highly glaciated west face rising from the Lhotse Glacier “. It is just like a fairy tale to me though unless I take off from  sitting in the office or only  riding the  bike or paddling on the water .

The month of March used to be fit and fine to climb for long time in previous years  , but this year gave to all climbers surprise , bunch of people , not less than ten diffrent groups of entire compnanies returned without summiting, no matter any of the best skilled climbers  .” Heavy snowing envaloped the trail and trail making orgnaization did no work ” a travller said. Now they cleared it and ladders has been set up and going on the easy access .It is true, not only the rapid get changed by monssoon on the  river  ,  the  things are changeable all the time in moutain too ,as an  Imja-Tse approved .

Pasang addressed ,Larani and Spensor climbed way higher than any other  team . However , They had to accept the situation and agreed to return down . “still was not less enjoyable to be on mountain, we are already walking up on the mountain ,we will come back again , mountain is always there ” spensor & Larani ,they both  added. It was good to share the experiences  back in kathamandu well and healthy , just a day earlier than estimated schedule. we had  good bye dinner together in  magnificient Brian’s Grill house American  Restaurant in Dillibazzar.

Remaining the summit due for next time  , Larani and Spensor flew  to Mumbai and Pasang flew to Tumlingtar with two Austrians gentlemen friends of Alternative Nepal  REINHOLD TABOJER  and CHARLEY /KARL POOR for Charity  in the village of Sonkhuwasabha where they donated computers , study materials for childrens,cash to purchages the neccessary things for Sarada  secondary  school in Pokhari. Their teaching and educational interaction with the childrens are goin on . And again as soon as back from the shcool , pasang is on the Mountain with Seven members on walk.

we appreciate their deeds .

salute friends !!

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